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Our Founder
Peter Burke


After spending 17 years leading Best Companies Group as its President and Co-Founder, I decided to take advantage of an opportunity take my nearly 20 years of experience managing “Best Places to Work”, “Best Employer” and “Best Companies” programs on a new adventure. In the summer of 2021, I launched Workforce Research Group where my team and I are taking recognizing great places to work to new levels of excellence through the creation of credible and relevant lists. I started my career in insurance, and then spent 7 years as the first Associate Publisher of the Central Penn Business Journal.

Guiding beliefs:

I am a true believer in strong partnerships that turn into friendships.

I believe that being of service should be at the forefront of everything I (and we) do.

I believe in being dependable, knowing it will not always be convenient.

I believe that character counts and is measured by your ratio of promises made vs. promises kept.

And finally, laughter is a gift from God. Cherish it when it comes your way, and create a little if you can.

Other Fast Facts:

I graduated from Boston College many moons ago with a degree in economics.

I am married to a rock star woman whose accomplishments are uncountable.

We have 6 children that run the gamut in age, with 7 grandkids (so far).

We live in the great city of Houston, TX, but we love our time on the lake in Michigan.

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